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Instrument Panel Lighting Upgrade

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I bought my wife a pearl white gen III Prius (t-spirit) yesterday. It early days but she's over the moon with it so far.

The interior, imho, is much better on the gen III than the gen II Prius. Anyway, I think it would look better still if I could change the lighting on the instrument panel from green to white. I'd also like to do this on the steering wheel. (The lights on the steering wheel are quite dim.)

Does anyone know if this is easily achievable or where I can get this done? (Is there a LED lighting kit I can buy for this 'upgrade'?)

Or are there instructions re how to access the bulbs so I can change these?

Has anyone else done this and want to share their thoughts?

I'm not trying to pimp the car, I just prefer lights to be white rather than green. I don't want them overly bright either for obvious reasons.

I don't know much about the Prius but unless the bulbs are welded onto the circuit boards behind the instrument panel, it should just be a simple case of swapping existing bulbs for new ones. shouldn't it?

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its either the LEd lighting or there is a plastic filter

the bulbs shouldnt be welded to the boards

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