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Don't you just love it when folk come on here asking for help and advise, even bumping threads with pleas, you then reply with the info they require and then you hear nothing back to the thread with their outcome, did it work, what was the rectification etc etc

Sometimes you wonder to yourself is it worth it!

Oh, Happy New Year to you all.

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Hi Phil could not agree with you more.happens time and time again.

One member had an unusual problem and got plenty of advice.I asked him to be sure to post the outcome,and he promised he would,but never did.

There is a certain young lady who post for advice on here who has been quilty of that.

I posted and asked her had she sorted the problem but got no answer.

Happy New Year to you too.

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Thats the way forums are... it would be nice to know the outcomes so people who have the same issue know how to fix it.

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Thats if people get back to you at all to be honest!!! I have been on a couple forums and this one is by far the worst to be fair!!!

End of dit,

Regards phil :)

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