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So What Have You Done To Your T180 For Improvements?

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Hi all,

was wondering what you boys /girls have done to improve on the T180 avensis ???

Will be due to change brakes etc....so would like to see what is better than the standard stuff.

Also can the driving lights be changed for better quality of visual display?? on my 2007 i might as well not have them at all......

I have changed to HID Halogen convertion which has made a big difference..

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hi mate

you may find the HID conversion may not pass the MOT.. depends on the MOT inspector... 3rd party kits are no longer MOT legal

as for braking, go for slotted disks with greenstuff pads.

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How much more pad wear do you get from slotted/grooved (But not drilled) discs vs OE/plain ones?

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MTEC do some decent, reasonably priced discs for the 2.2s (Mistermena & I went for slightly different specs.).

Not a fan of greenstuff pads myself - I went with Ferodo & Mistermena went Mintex.

You can change any of the bulbs for uprated versions - in my experience with the facelift T25 Avensis & Osram Nightbreakers/Philips X-treme Power this improves the amount of light within the beam pattern but not really the size of the beam pattern (pretty sure that this is due to the optical design of the lights).

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my 110k T180 suffered the dire xenon burnout headlamp effect and for few quid worth of aluminium tape to line the inside of the bulb reflectors eroded chrome plating, i saved a fortune for the dealers over the top unit replacement quote. (Photos & tutorial available) Other than that, a good EGR and MAF DIY clean is worthwhile.

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