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T22 Avensis

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Hi, im new to this forum so please forgive me, i have a few newbie questions.

I have a bog standard t22 avensis 1.8 (2000)

I wanted to put some alloys on it but cant find much that i like from the toyota range.

so i was thinking of getting some 5x100 fitment from vw, seat, skoda etc and then reduce the bore with hub centric rings, would this be a good idea?

also originally there are 15'' steelies on the car, how large could i go without rubbing on the arches??

would i be able to put a set of 18'' wheels on? and then would i need to use lowering springs?

the reason why im asking is that i had celica alloys on the car before and gap was higher on the back then the front.

what would be the safest and best lowering springs to use so the car would be at a equal ride hieght eg 30/35mm, the car is going to be used as a daily runner, family car.

just to mention we have had this car in the family for the last 8 years.

thanks in advance for your advice.

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