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When I crank it the OCR energizes and the fuel pump runs.

I check the voltages at the ecu as per the info you posted pertaining to troublecode 11. All within spec that is I could only check items that call for IGN ON or crankingx. All within spec.

Engine is GE.

If motor has spark and starting fluid or petrol is forced into the intake. The motor will attempt to fire be it EFI or Carb right?

Have not checked voltage at injectfors BUT have replaced EFI MAIN ENGINE MAIN STARTER AND OC RELAYS. Replaced all fuses and fuselinks.

I still don't know what causes under normal operating conditions the fuel pump to run 3 sec.at initial key to on position.

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It won't always start, or even splutter, there is more timing and correct fuel/air ratios involved that "loading up the cylinders and cranking with a spark".

Looking at the wiring, only the OCR can fire up the fuel pump (GE doesn't have the two speed pump so we can emiminate that) That is only linked to the AFM (thats why it fired when you moved the flap) FP connector (you found this too) and the STA output on the ECU (also connected to the cold start injector) so unless the UK cars are differnt I'd say the ECU tells it to.

I'd check +B and +B1 as I suggested, check them with the Ignition on, and make sure they don't drop out during cranking. Also test STA, see if it does anything during initial ignition on, and during cranking. you will need to get the the ECU plugs for this.

Did you run through fig. 19?

Failing that, brain dump on mildly related experiances....

If all else fails... I'll go over some obvious stuff.. you could always have flooded it.. (happened on my ex's old MR2, - also 3S-GE but a much later version) we cranked it for a while with the EFI fuse REMOVED, then after a good long crank, shoved the fuse in (still cranking) and it spluttered to live in a cloud of super rich black smoke. It was in a poor state of service though, and needed fresh plugs.

Other 3S related stuff... the plug wells get full of water and weaken the spark.. This happened on my mates Gen 4 Celica (yeah another 3S-GE and my first supra 7M-GE)

My old 944 (Yup another 80s/early 90s car, see a trend forming?) had a bad cold start issue, it got worse and worse until it wouldn't start at all.. I changed all sensors, fuses checked all wiring, it got to the point where the cold start was dumping so much fuel in the cylinders it hydrolocked (Unknown to me at this stage).. in my infinite wisom I changed the starter motor because it wasn't cranking... it turned out to be the ECU :(

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Went through fig.19 and went through the individual tests for the efi main and engine main relays. All within spec. Both B+ and B1+ drop to 9 when cranking. Or eo1 to no.10 and eo2 to no.20 drop to 9v. Can't remember will test again today. Long week daughter sick. TESTED INJECTOR CONNECTORS TEST PROBE LIGHT ON both wires on each connector. Reverse polarity and light blinks on only one wire per connector. ISNT LIGHT SUPPOSE TO ONLY ILLUMINATE on one wire with key on? My engine is a 2se BTW.

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Read through the string and its past my knowledge (wouldn't be hard). Only things I could think about was checking the earth from engine to Battery....I had a problem with that and used a cable jumpstart to bridge it until the strap was replaced. Another was a faulty ht coil. This was on one of my RAVs with the 3SGTE... just due more to age than anything, of the car. Hope you find the problem soon. If my reply is right, I need help in catering for 40 people this Saturday! lol (I must be one of the few who have 3 ovens and 11 hob burners in their home kitchen!)

good luck.

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Sorry I don't have any wiring diagrams for people or daughters :P

I'd not worry too much about the votage drop, there is voltage, that seems fine..

In all honesty I'm not sure what the injector pulses are meant to do, I'd have guessed that when not cranking, or running there shouldn't be any pulsing, but I've never had to look into it before..

Good shout on earth sand coil Ian, although if its cranking I'd expect there to be a good eatth to the block, and she said there was spark, always worth testing though, if only to eliminate them!

I've never seen one with a 2S-E.. I take it its an import? I thought you said it was a 3S-GE.. in that case all those wiring diagrams are wrong!

I'm out of fresh ideas I'm afraid :(

I was going to point fingers at the ECU, simply because I can't think of anything else... It's kinda hard remotely when you are relying on second hand information.

Sorry! :(

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I'm not sure what has happened but now the fuel pump no longer functions with the opening of the air door manually. It does still work if I operate the OCR contact manually..if and when I find out what and how the fuel pump works for exactly the same preliminary time when I turn the key to the on position will my problem remain a mystery. Oh the wiring diagrams you sent and test proceedures where close enough for me to apply them to my 2se based on wire color and location. Thank you so much. I'm determined to repair this problem because I Celica because I can

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:euro: I just stumbled across this thread looking for wiring diagrams for my project! (yes I've still not found them all....)

I wonder if it ever got fixed in the end?

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