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Please Help Mice Getting Into 2005 Avensis Saloon

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Not a nice topic this one im afraid.... I currently have a 2005 1.6 Petrol Avensis saloon, never had any accident damage. I cant keep mice out of the car I've already caught 6 mice but they keep coming back.... I did a google search and came across this article which really scares me (Rats getting into two toyota avensis cars):

The case in question happen in 2008 which would be the same model shape as mine.....


Anyone else had a similar problem?

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Ugh nasty... reminds me of a friend who had a squirrel get trapped in his engine bay; Didn't realise until a horrible smell started coming through the vents. Opened up the engine and took off the cover - Large chunks of foam had been clawed away and there was a dead half-baked squirrel stuck to the top of the engine!!! :sick:

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be very wary of rodent attack to any component made of rubber, especially wire insulation and vac pipes and HT leads.

seen this scenario on many a break down when a car will not start

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