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Auris 2.0 T Spirit Headlights Wiring Issue.

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Hi All,

I recently bought an Auris that had been involved in an accident and repaired. Structurally the car is sound however the person repairing has done a very shoddy job of the electrics for the front headlamps. The driver side sidelight is not connected to the electrics whatsoever, and there appears to be no motors attached to the headlights to change the levelling. All the other lights are working.

I have had a look behind the lights and I have noticed a brown clip on the driver side that is not connected anywhere. On the passenger side, there is a similar brown clip and another similar sized white clip. All of these look like they should be connecting to the headlights in some way. I don't have pictures at the minute but can attach these later if it will help.

Two main questions here:

1) Am I right in thinking the headlight levelling motor is a seperate piece of kit that I connect to the brown clips and to the headlight?

2) How much should it cost to get the electrics sorted?


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Sorry, to clarify, I bought the car from the previous owner who had got the work done from his local garage.

I've took some pictures of the 2 clips behind either side headlamps and attached these below. I've also just noticed that the electric headlamps have been replaced by the manual setting ones, rather than the electric ones having no motor (phew). The pictures have been attached below.

Driver Side Clip 1


Driver Side Clip 2


Passenger Side Clip 1


Passenger Side Clip 2


If anyone can shed any light (if you'll pardon the pun) as to where these clips should be attached, I would really really appreciate it.


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