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Bought My New Car


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Well it's only been about 12 months in the searching but I have finally found my new car and paid the deposit today :D

Thanks to Fidgits for his continual nagging on the subject and a big :thumbsup: to ifraz (LOC Mod) who looked at the car for me in the pouring rain and sent me a lovely detailed report and pictures by e mail.

Haven't got a collection date yet but could even be this weekend.

And it is . . .

2001 X reg IS200 SE in Black with Exmoor interior. It's an auto with FLSH and just turned 43 000 miles. It has a high level integrated brake light spoiler, 1 Owner and comes with 1 Year Lexus warranty, RAC Cover, 6 months tax, 12 Months MOT (although it's not due until Sept 04) and half a tank of fuel.

It's at Lexus Nottingham (but not for much longer :lol: )

Happy bunny. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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bahh... you off to join the flashy gits over at the LOC now 'ehh... lol

Actually I like TOC better ;)

Mrs SMW still has her Yaris and the Lex is only a Toy in a party frock really so don't feel too much of a fraud.


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