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When i first got my Auris which was S/hand, i do what i always when not buying new i change the Oil and filter. Cos i like to know whats going in the sump.

It was just as well with the Auris as it was supposed to have been given its 20000 mile service that was nearly due before i picked it up.Nothing had been done other than the service booked stamped.

Yes it was a Toyota main dealer in Suffolk.

It was pretty obvious by the outside of the filter cartridge that it had not got that grimy in 30 miles in warm dry weather.

Anyway the filter i brought from my local Toyota dealer and it came complete with a sump drain plug washer.

As the Auris has been booked in with my dealer for an MOT and service in a couple of weeks i was looking for the current MOT certificates which i keep in a folder along with the service sheets the car has had. I noticed on each time that i have been charged (never noticed before) 98p for the washer as well as the cost of the filter.

Just maybe they have stopped including this washer with the filter after i brought the one when i first got the car,which is fair enough.

But i not complaining about 98p but if i being charged for something that i should not be,then thats a different matter.

So if anyone who has brought a genuine Toyota Oil filters as in DIY is the washer still included.

Are others also being charged or not.for this washer.


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Hi Kingo and Karma Supra and thanks for the quick replies.

That stops me taking a big stick with me when i take the car in.

I must remind them i dont need a new fob Battery or to charge me for topping up the screenwash that ive already topped up with an additive included. before i take it in.

but save for a few things like that they are pretty reliable, so cant complain.

They will be doing the window switch at the same time.

Have not taken up the offer of a loan car as the wife will pick me up and drop me off in her car.

Dont want to be seen in a fiddly farty car they loan out that looks like its been involved in a rear end shunt.

Not sure which model Toyota they use for the loan. Suppose someone must like them.

Wife says cars like that always seem to be driven by obese women.

I dont mean to offend anyone who owns one of these though.Just my opinion.

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Don't know what fiddly farty car they supply you, but our fiddly farty cars cost us about 50K a year to run as a group :eek:

We run around 25-30 loan cars (including bodyshop cars) they have just all been replaced with brand new Aygo and Yaris, and the odd Hybrid versions. It is a standard we maintain as a dealer and one of the many things that distinguish us from other dealers. It all comes at a cost, but one which we think is worth the investment. Those cars will be kept for 12-18 months and then sold on

Kingo :thumbsup:

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One of my sons when he had a Lexus took it a main dealer in Norwich for servicing ( they have since closed ) and he was loaned a brand new Prius out of the showroom. They parked it around the back of the business and left him to it.

He got into a big muddle with it and a lady employee had to instruct him on the controls etc.

He was most embarrassed.

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We often have to explain to customers about having your foot on the clutch to be able to start the car, some people get in a right confuddle when they set foot in a strange car, which is why our insurance bill is huge :lol:

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By the way the Lexus firm that closed in Norwich was part of the Inchcape group.Very big group.several franchises grouped near each other.

My local Toyota dealer now handles Lexus servicing. but never seen one in the showroom.

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When Lexus first arrived, you could have the Lexus franchise and partition the showroom Lexus/Toyota. You cannot do that any more, if you do not hold the Lexus franchise, you cannot put new Lexus in the Toyota showroom, they have to go in a seperate showroom

Kingo :thumbsup:

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You know everything Kingo.

My local Toyota dealer is the Dingle Group been going before WW11 they were a Ford agents for many years

in our town centre. It was a large area which they sold to Sainsburys and built new premisess out of towm one for Fords and one for Toyota, they then sold the Ford part to Busseys who are the main Ford agent in Norwich.

Dingle now have branches at Attleborough,lowestoft,and Ipswich.

When they had the original Ford dealership in town, i brought amongst other models a new Mark 111 Cortins

from them and the workshop forman use to let me use one of their ramps if i needed to.And no charge.

Could you see any dealer doing that now. No chance.

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WHen i brought the Cortina you could order any spec you like.including which make of tyres you wanted.

When told George the son of the founder of the business that i wanted to buy the car he insisted on coming around my house and going through all the options available.

I was kept informed of the progress of the car in production till it arrived at the dealers There was a big waiting list for Cortinas then.

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Elfin safety mate............I'll get me coat...... :lol:

To be fair, we live in such a letigious world these days, it is just not possible, if you did have an accident, the insurance would probably not pay out :eek:

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Thats another American thing we have adopted,sueing at the drop of a hat.

In my time in the trade if you wore gloves to do things in the workshop you would laught at and called a sissy.

But thats progress for you.

But gloves in my time would have reduced ingrained sludge from diesel engines that took ages to scrub off your hands.

No detergent Oil in them days. We were given barrier cream but the govenor would not suppy soap, just a cleaner called Grease Solvent. dont know if you can still get. had sand in it to help shift stains.

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