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How Do You Get Fuel Pump Relay Switches Off?

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The engine management light came on on my 54 plate D4-D Rav4 last week. I had it checked out and it came out as fault code P0627 - Fuel Pump Control Circuit Open. I was advised to change the fuel pump relay switch and have ordered one. It was also suggested that the relay switch for the air con fan is exactly the same as the fuel pump relay and (as it's unlikely I'll need the air con anytime soon) I should try swapping them. I've tried taking what I think is the Fuel Pump relay out but I can't get it to budge.

If anyone can help:

  • Does anyone have a diagram showing which is the relay?
  • How do the relays come out?
  • Is it possible to swap the fuel pump and air con relays?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Well this is what confused me when you first mentioned this relay that your mate told you to do. The fuel pump on a RAV diesel is mechanical so there isn't a relay for it and in any case, a relay works or it doesn't - it's just a heavy duty switch.

So in reality I,m not sure what you will achieve but just so you can tell your mate you did it....

This is the layout;

relay 1.pdf

This is for the ECD (control)

relay ECD.pdf

and this is for the EFI

relay EFI.pdf

In the latter 2 you will see they are shown by the Battery which of course is nonsense so locate the big relay box then look in the lid where you will find a plan of the relays. I hope this helps.

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