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4 Year Service Cost!

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If your Toyota dealer offers Toyota's Fixed Price Servicing scheme, the following link detail the costs: http://www.toyota.co.uk/cgi-bin/toyota/bv/generic_editorial.jsp?navRoot=toyota_1024_root&fullwidth=true&noLeftMenu=true&forceText=%3cnone%3e&edname=Owners-Service-Servicing&id=Owners-Service-Servicing&zone=Zone+Ownership&sr=Mall

It would be a full service and probably a brake fluid change - 179 plus 39 pounds

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It is reassuring for the customer that Toyota in UK has fixed price service offer. In Sweden, there is no such thing. I was quoted a vastly varied service cost for my 4 year old Aygo. I rang up three different Toyota dealers and their prices for the same major service were, (take a deep breath!) 240 Euro, 370 Euro and 600Euro. I drove 50km from my town and had it serviced in the nearby town for 240 Euro.I watched the whole service being conducted and it was dead easy. I could do it myself next time.

He hoisted the car up and removed the engine Oil drain plug and the filter. They are positioned side by side, can not miss it under the engine. Let the Oil run out. Removed all four wheels and connected a vaccum pipe to the brake bleed (first driver side, then passenger side and finally the rear sides) and topped up the level in the brake fluid container, DOT 4, it was. By now, all the engine Oil had drained out. Put new Oil filter and tightened the Oil drain plug (new washer), and filled 3.1 litre of Toyota original 5W-30 Oil. Checked brake pads/shoes, they were ok. Put back the wheels and tightened the nuts and lowered the car. Checked antifreeze in the radiator, checked even for the quality of antifreeze with a device (glycometer?). Checked wipers, ok.. Checked and filled wiper antifreeze. Checked Battery charge, OK. Checked for OBD codes (none), Aligned the headlight beam on a special machine, readjusted their level, it was aimed a little too high. Changed aircon filter. Oiled all door hinges. Entered the service information in the computer. He took it out for a trial spin. All ok. Took money and we parted.

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