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Corolla Verso Old Shape 2004 Model -Advice Needed

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Hi all

New to the forums and a recent Toyota Corolla owner.

I've bought a Verso old shape as I believed they were reliable but from doing more research it sounds like there may be problems, particularly with the Oil burning issue.

I acquired it with 8 service stamps and 74k on the clock. Oil's little less than halfway on the dipstick but I havent had a chance to properly track it yet.

Couple of questions for the group

How can I tell if it ever had a new short block? I believe Toyota replaced it under warranty and I have no idea how to check.

I've read that running it on high octane fuel can help with the deposits in the bores. Has anyone tried this?

Is changing Piston Rings / Valve stem Oil seals a job an independent garage could do successfuly?

thanks all


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Cannot answer your question with 100% accuracy, but if I remember what I have read in the forum, the Oil buning issue was cured with models from 2004/5 onwards.

No idea if that includes your model though.

Either way, you really need to do some miles to see if you have got that problem.

Think you have to be using more than 1 ltr of Oil per 1,000 miles before Toyota would even look at it.

Unless the Oil looks clean probably worth fitting a new Oil filter and Oil, then check the Oil usage.

( assume you are not seeing plumes of smoke from the exhaust)

Even if you do have a Oil burning problem that does prove to be in the block I believe, again from what I have read, that Toyota will no longer look at any claims as the age of the engines affected is too great to prove its a manuafacturing defect v fair wear and tear.

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