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2007 Corolla Verso T180 - Sat Nav

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Hey all.

I've just bought a 2007 Corolla Verso T180.

I'd like to get the Sat Nav system for the dash (yes, I know I can have a Tom Tom or phone based system, but I want a system in the dash).

I assume I need to stick with an official Toyota one in order to have the best fit etc.

Naturally though, I expect that going via Toyota would be stupidly expensive.

I can see that some units are available via eBay etc, but how can I check what model system would be compatible? Would any of the TNS510, TNS600 or TNS700 work?

Is this something that I could fit myself or is something best left to a professional to do?

I've seen the installation instructions on Toyota-tech.eu but it seems I need to know what generation my vehicle is... Mine would appear to be either an FMC Gen 2 or an MMC Gen 2 but how can I tell for sure?

I'm sorry for so many questions and hope one of you is able to help.

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A friend of mine recently installed a genuine Satnav unit into her Toyota corolla...was a simple straight forward fit using all the existing wiring coming from the car that goes into the stock unit...however you may need a fascia to make it work otherwise it certainly wont look genuine...as for model numbers you'll have to contact Toyota for that or Parks-King on this forum may help you with that...but as far as i know all those model numbers you've listed so far apply to all the new Toyota vehicles which i think start from 08 or 09 upwards...Yours should start with a B...but then i can't say for certain...sorry...but Goodluck matey! :flowers:

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I ended up picking a kenwood full sat nav system for mine for a lot less than a toyota one.

The problem with the toyota systems is, if you want to update it, you will have to buy the update discs from toyota at £120 per time IIRC!

I got the updates for my kenwood for £30... Plus the sound quality is MUCH better than the oem toyota units could ever provide

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