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Carina E 1995 2.0D

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Hey guys!

I'd like your opinion on some few things.

I've had it about 10 months now, but I haven't done anything major to it except fixing some small issues and bought new rims and tyres :)

My engine is kind of an wreck after the last owner I bought if from, so I have a plan to change it from a 2.0D to a HiLux 2.4TD or a HiAce 2.8TD.

What do I have to do? swap suspension, brakes, gearbox?

Any opinions you want to share?

Thanks fellas.






Sorry for the bad picture quality.

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Its a tidy looking carina, the white alloys match the bodywork well.

The problem with a hilux engine is that it is mounted longitudinally for the back wheel drive/4wd system,

the carina is a front wheel drive car with its engine mounted transverse, the carina gearbox might mate to the hulux engine its unlikely, but then engine mounts would be different.

You could strip the car completely, cut it to pieces and fabricate a transmission tunnel to make it back wheel drive but thats a lot of work.

The easiest option is to fit another carina engine, but get a turbo diesel one if you want more power

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