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Remote/central Locking

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2004 t3 toyota corolla

initially intermittent probs with remote locking/unlocking (new batts fitted in fobs) still intermittent.

now not working at all.been to main dealers and had it checked they say it could be the keys £150

or it might be the central unit, do not feel inclined to fork out £150 for keys which may not solve the problem. ( not impressed), they say the locking system cannot be reset manually but i have seen official paper work that gives a reset sequence which involves inserting and removing key in ignition and and opening and shutting drivers door in a set sequence , however this has not worked.

the drivers door can be unlocked manually but this does not unlock the other doors, however all doors lock centrally from the drivers door??? any ideas/suggestions gratefully accepted

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Hi, my son's 2002 t3 corolla D4D has the exact same problem and has a banjaxed key.

The key will lock the car ok, but must be opened manually.

I bought a blank key and got it cut to open the doors, I got a s/hand transponder and fitted it to the new key.

Now I have d/loaded the instructions to reprogram the key, BUT, I am scared of causing the opposite effect and not being able to start the car. A locksmith advised me against doing this sequence as I might need a computer as well if it goes wrong.

Has anyone here tried this method and did it work. Can you do this and not put the on board computer at risk.

Any feedback will be really appreciated. Thank you, blooboy.

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