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Lost My Only Key. Nightmare Help

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Hello there im in desperate need of some help.

I lost my only car key i had for my ss2 import celica L plate, i believe a 94.

Its just a basic key no fob or chip.

Is it possible to get a replacement for this car or not, i spoke to someone in the trade and he said its prob not possible due to it being an import.

I dont know who or where to contact, if i cant what are the other options, dont want to brake it or scrap it, its my pride and joy.

Help here is much appreciated

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No ....The forum is very much alive.....but does not have an immediate answer to your problem

Surely if you knew you only had one key you should have got a duplicate cut as a matter of priority!

Maybe you can contact a local Auto Locksmith for advice.....It might result in getting locks and keys changed.....Not a cheap option!

One thing for sure...You should be more careful with your keys! :)

Good Luck :)

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Have you tried speaking to Toyota directly? They might be able to source spare keys, you never know!

Worst case I can think of is that you'll have to get the car taken on a flatbed over to a garage and the source a new set of keys and relevant locks / ignition bits and swap from another car.

Is the car parked away from home? I imagine you'll need to prove that you're the actual owner of the car to whoever does the car as otherwise any guy off the street could do the same thing to a car!


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