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Cold Start On My 2Ltr Petrol Vx

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Hi all just got my rav4..quite an old one but cold starting not that good sounds like a little misfire on cranking the engine. But once it's started, it runs and start fine...any ideas,,thanx :yucky: and of course i never meant fx...VX

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No problem.

BTW I've got quite a lot of grey hair growing from my ear too.

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Hi Read, does yours sound the same as mine on startup? Reply to my main thread if it does and keep in contact. Especially if you find your fault before I do! Cheers, Lee

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Yep that's it spot on...but mine takes a bit longer to fire up. it def some kind of misfire..but tonight it started normal...

it is bugging me though ..many years ago I had a ford escort which done the same and it was a mystery but real hard to start. one dark cold morning my other half was sat in the car trying to start it I had the bonnet up..then I saw it, when she tried to start it, a spark coming off the HT lead there was a small crack in it changed the lead and no more bad starts...not saying that's the RAVs problem but it could be :g:

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