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Prius Audio Problem

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Suddenly, when I am using the AUX channel to listen to my iPod, the channel disappears and I am switched to one of the FM channels. When this happens, I try to find the AUX channel by using the steering wheel mode button, but it is not shown. What is wrong and how can I fix it?


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Found this and it may help.

The head unit senses whether there is a plug in the aux jack in the console. If the aux jack is empty, it will not engage aux mode. If you have a cable plugged in the aux jack but no audio source (i.e. no iPod, iPhone etc) it should engage aux mode but of course no sound will come out since there is no source. So if you cant get into aux mode, you need to double check you have a cable plugged all the way into the aux jack. Hope this helps.

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Have you tried a different I pod lead to ensure its not a problem with the fit or wiring going to its connector before looking at an issue with the aux socket.

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