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Hi Guys,

Greetings from North Wales! Just bought my wife a 56 plate Rav4 XT3 in black. We had a Rav4.1 back in 2010 for 12 months during our time in Cyprus when I was working out there - we fell in love with the Rav's from that time on....anyway, I bought it for a steal from a private seller - 60k on the clock, FSH, it's like new...I have a few problems (I think), I'm a bit of a car fan so did my research on the problems before buying.

1. Slight knock from steering wheel - I researched this before I bought the car as the seller told me about it and I took a chance that it's not a big fix. Did any of you manage a contribution from toyota to fix seeing as it wasnt fixed as a recall or TSB?

2. Car seems to over rev when accelerating - seems a bit strange but when I accelerate and change gear as normal the revs increase by about 200-300rpm, If I wait a second when changing gear this doesnt happen - any ideas? Could it be a sticking accelerator pedal or MAF / airflow related?

3 - How the hell do you work out those reversing sensors? Can you disable some of the beeps with techstream?

4 - Acceleration seems a little hesitant especially in 3rd gear lower revs - would cleaning the MAF help?

The Rav is also booked in for a recall inspection on the rear suspension.

Oh, and I've changed the low & high beam bulb for some ultra bright ones from Halfords and have made a massive difference already.

Thanks for any help! See you guys around - cheers...Mark.

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Welcome to TOC Mark

As this section is for new members introductions only, please ask your questions in the RAV section where Hopefully you should get a warm welcome from fellow RAV owners and some answers :)

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