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Leak Into Boot (Again-Sorry)

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Hi everyone,

Have'nt posted as nothing gone wrong and i cannot answer anything technical but have been reading daily updates.

After owning my baby for just over two years i have to say its still so reliable and cheap with only a clutch and back box and of course two services.

However, had a leak with has been bothering me,

A month ago I got some waterproof window sealant and sealed the rear lights and high level brake light but its still leaking into the boot.

Brake light looks fine, couldnt see any issues there,

I have seen water droplets next to rear light plugs and rubber gromet on both sides so it cannot be boot vents,

any ideas as I'm getting soooo fed up with inside being damp.

All carpets are dry though boot water is running along sides and getting soaked up by rear seat base which is not good, damp keeps making front screen


Mr Toyota said I'd have to but two new light units!!!, though did suggest I try something they use called "bitumen" a plasticine type thing that is mouldable

and you stick a line round the light plugs and it keeps out the water, so he says.

Anyone tried this or got any ideas or advice please as I am desparate.

Many thanks in hopeful anticipation,

Regards Andy.

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The two rubber grommets, 1 either side just above the lights are prone to leaking. To repair them Toyota remove the old ones and bin them, then use a small amount of butyl tape wrapped around the fixing post of the new grommet to seal the hole when the new grommet is fitted.

I have also seen water coming in behind the boot seal along each side, to fix this remove the seal and clean the metal work where the seal pushes on, clean the channel in the seal then add a small bead of sealant into the seal channel before refitting the seal back on.


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My wifes Sept '11 Aygo (5dr) is also suffering from a damp boot which is now also causing condensation on the inside of the windscreen (ice when really cold!).

Pretty disappointing to know this issue has been around so long and is still not fixed.


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just spoken to Wurth component supplier and they gave me the part number of the butyl tape that my toyota dealership use.

if anyones interested the part number is 0890100032 it comes in a resl and cost £25 incl vat.

Steep but would be worth it if it solved my leaks,

what do you all think please???.

And yes I do think its disgraceful that toyota havent provided a cost effective efficient remedy for these design faults.

My father in law bought a new Aygo two weeks ago from dealer and I just hope this doesnt suffer the same issues.

Regards Zaffy.

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