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Looking For New Corolla

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Hi I am a new member, I have an old E reg GL corolla. I am looking to upgrade but I am not sure which one to get, be it petrol or diesel. Any advice or comments would be appreciated. I have a wife and 1 kid. I travel 14 miles per day to work. I also have to do the usual shopping chores and the occasional motorway journey. Perhaps in the future I may need to commute further a field so an economical car would desirable.

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For those few miles it has to be petrol, diesel needs plenty of long runs and is only more economical if you do well over 10 - 20k miles a year.

The 1.4 petrol should be fine for your needs, the 1.6 petrols will cost a bit more on the insurance.

£4K should get you a clean 06 plate if you shop around.

Spend a few weeks following Auto Trader, some good private ones if you are careful buyer and get an hpi check etc .

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If you can find a 1.4 Colour collection they are ( IMO ) a really good car and have all the T3 trims + side skirts.

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I believe the main difference is the levels of trim available, correct me if i'm wrong but i dont think the 1.4 comes with SR or T Spirit spec trim and they have the highest levels but your only really getting a few extra things like the climate control, spoiler, different alloys etc.

As mentioned above the colour collection is probably the best spec you can get for the 1.4.

2.0 obviously comes with the extra grunt as you mentioned and the extra weight so probably rolls a bit more in the corners. A friend of mines has the 2.0 T-Spirit and its pretty nippy and rides smooth, i'd probably buy a Honda Civic 2.0 S-type (despite the clutch problems and no rear visability) for the extra power, mpg, less tax and more gadgets, but they can be a bit more expensive.

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