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2001 Corola Vvti 16V

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Hey folks need a little help here, I have a 2001 corolla 1.6 gls vvti 16v it has a alarm but when I bought the car the fob did not work I put a new Battery in it and it now works but when I arm the alarm with the fob and then try and set it off the indicators flash but no sound I can also start the car and drive with the alarm is supposedly going off, I think that the previous owner may have bypassed the alarm because the Battery in the fob had died, I have looked for a valet switch and pulled all the dash of and found nothing I no there is a siren because when I try to use the fob to lock it with a door/bonnet open it beeps any ideas on how I can put the alarm back to normal/working order or even were the alarm module is located lo, thanks for any help dan psit has 2 flashing red leds 1 in the middle of the dash below the hazard light switch and 1 just to the left of the hand brake, the dash 1 flashes as soon as the key is removed from the ignition and the second 1 only flashes when I use the fob to lock the car .I

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Help might take just a little longer than 41 minutes.........the Corolla members should pick up this soon and hopefully give you an answer :)

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