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Remote Unlocking?

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Hello everybody.

This is my first post on this forum, I've just bought my first aygo. A nice 2006 red diesal sport. I'm loving it so far and it feels surprisingly quick. I have two questions.

First is does the aygo have remote unlocking? I have what appear to be two genuine Toyota keys is but nethier has a button on it to unlock the car.

The second question is I have done about 80 miles in it so far and fuel gauge has not dropped below full (I filled it up when I bought it)is that normal or could guage be broken. It was flashing on the lowest bar when I got into the petrol station.

Oh and ive just thought of another question, what's it Like to change the stereo head unit? Easy enough?



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Hi Emile.

If it's a red Aygo, it may not have remote unlocking.

If you have no buttons on the keys, no way.

Fuel gauge......endless debate on here about fuel useage.

My petrol Aygo seems to use the 1st blob from being filled right to the top at about

137 miles. Presumably, your tank is the same shape, so being a diesel, you MAY get 150 miles, this time of year.

Bear in mind, with the shape of the tank & filling up the neck, each "blob" is different.

You will NOT get 150 miles from each one!

Changing head unit is easy. search on here for threads about it.

Heater knob off and carefully prise surround from dashboard.

Remove stereo. Swap in new stereo and custom fascia surround......Done.

Only possible "problem" may be the need to swap switched & permanent live feeds on the wiring.

Again......many threads on this.


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Thanks for the reply, it puts my mind to ease, I was thinking it was Lasting forever. I'm going to go and brim it today as I have 100 mile round trip. I'm thinking of also replacing the gear knob as it feels very cheap, any recommendation, for eithiergenuine Toyota and after market? Once again thanks for the reply Ian

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Does your car have a lock or a button on the back? Lock: no remote, button: remote (but obviously no remote supplied)...

Aha it has a button only. I think my starting issues may be coming from a second key made third party and tripping the imoboliser. So I got the original second key, without the remote unlocking, and it seems to start car fine. Any idea if I can buy a remote key? And from where?

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You can get a remote key from Toyota. They can also do the programming for the immobiliser.

The remote CAN be done yourself, but since you need them to do the immobiliser/transponer I'd let them do it.

Whan you've got the button on the rear you'll also notice that locking the driversside door locks everything else too,

but locking the passengerside doesn't. Something to take into account, as the rear only locks elecrtically...

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