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Broken Glow Plug...

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I drive an Avensis 2003 D4D (T25) with 252000 km on it.

Because my motor management light came on i went to the dealer and they did a reading with the computer: glow plug failure.

Around 100000 k the dealer changed them all 4 (they said)

this time i have ordered 4 pieces myself (from Bosch) and could change 3 of them without any problem (rode the car before i started for more than 30 minutes, so the engined was good warm) the 4th glow plug was stuck and i broke it just above the head.

tried to remove it by cutting thread with a left treaded tool, but the glow plug seems to be very stuck, because the tool broke....

i had to go to work today, so i rebuilded the car yesterday, drove 100 miles today without any problems (sofar)

can anybody tell me i a can drive my car with this or am i taking enormous risk now damaging anything ?

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As long as your glow plug has not been moved and not blowing by then i cant see ny harm being done.

when starting from cold the engine should fire up ok,yes maybe on three cylinders but the fourth will soon fire up with a little smoke that will soon clear.

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Thank you very much for your answer. I am not a native English speaker, as you might have noticed, but do you mean by blowing by that the inner core of the glow plug can be pushed out and air/ fluids should come out trough the hole ?

My concern is that the part of the glow plug tip should fall in the engine or could come out of the outher part of the glow plug. I think falling in is very bad and blown out I can not imagine what should happen...

Any ideas about this, thanks in advance.

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I meant the compression of the cylinder getting past where the glow plug is screwed into the cylinder head, if it came unscrewd even slightly when you tried to remove it before it broke.

As to a part of the glow plug falling into the cylinder now its broken,i cant realy say without seeing it, because i dont know the design of the glow plug as i dont have Toyota diesel engined car.

If you are worried about this i would best get advice from a mechanic.

Explain to them that you do not want the remaining part of the plug removed, which will be expensive if the cylinder head needs to be removed. and you are happy to use the car with just three glow plugs but

is there any chance that anything could drop off the remaing part of the glow plug.

Your English is no worse than mine.Its very good.

Good luck.

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Thank you again, i try to find a honnest mechanic ;-)

(i think my Toyota Dealer will only advice to remove the head..for around 1600 euro's)

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