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Philips Led Interior Bulbs


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Spotted this report in Auto Express (Issue 1248, 19-26 Dec) on page 130 of the Cristmas double issue, 2012 products revue. It is number 17 in a list of 20 and says- 'There's no missing these Philips LEDs, as they flood the cabin of our test car with light every time the door is opened.

That light is much whiter and brighter than what you get from the yellow fillament originals. Plus, the comprehensive range means you should be able to swap all of your car's interior lights for these LED's.'

David, do you think these are any good, or as good as your conversions? Except the colour isn't right as they aren't blue.

www.philips.com The Website

http://www.philips.c...B_CONSUMER=true The bulbs



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They look good but they won't fit the iq as the iQ doesn't have a bulb in it's interior light, It's already a single LED in there with a lens on the front.

I did a simple change to my light and replaced the single LED with a cluster of 19 from an LED indicator bulb. Pretty easy to do and it's reversible if I ever wanted to put it back to standard but you wouldn't after seeing it!

I posted details at the bottom of this page....



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Best to stick to runway lights Bob lol


Thanks for that one David. I totally forgot that you had already done the dome light with LED's and shown all the pictures, and still I thought it was a poxy Festoon bulb! Mad as a bag of frogs. Still, I hope one day to come down your way and have some parts fitted by your good self. Just stashing my money bit by bit, for petrol, parts and your time on the job. I'm getting there.

I'm hoping for the 'blue' conversion and better interior lighting, along with fitting brighter headlight/sidelight bulbs.

You know, I used to be able to do all that stuff on my own, I would tackle any job. I had no true mechanical experience yet managed to swap out the cylinder head and all those gubbins on a straight six cylinder Rover SD1, with some help, but the guy I used to go road rallying with used to take Jaguar engines apart, that's the SEPECAT/BAE Jaguar Jet.

Now, I find it difficult following the instructions on changing a pair of Wiper Blades without getting wound up about it. So now I bow to the experienced people who do know what they are doing. I can write, paint, draw, read, do stuff with computers to fix them even though I don't know what I'm doing... Oh yeah, I wish for the good old days.

:wheelchair: :lol2:

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You see Bob we all have senior moments. The other day i went to my wife's mother and took her out shopping. On the way home i could smell what was like burning. I opened the windows and it went. Closed them and after a couple of mins, there it was again. Sniffing some more, it smelt like trainers and wellies. Rang my wife to discuss it. Was getting very worried. It was not there on the way to her mothers. Then i turned my head and there on the back seat was the rubber mat i had just bought!!!


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LOL, OMG and all that phone jargon. So, it is true, I'm not the only one having these moments then? What a relief that is. However, I can relate to the rubber mat smell, in a way. A few weeks back my wife bought one of those pre-cooked chickens from the supermarket. We left the car with the shopping in -not something we normally do- whilst checking out something in another shop and upon our return I asked what the hell that smell was! Typically, she said it wasn't her! Admittedly, she couldn't remember getting the chicken either so there we were, driving along, wondering where the hell that stink was coming from. Once we realised, not too far away from where we set off, I said that we are to never leave one of those stinky pre-cooked chickens on its own in the car again, ever! However, it tasted great and wasn't dry or anyhtng like that... mmmmmmmm, chicken.

:lol2: :thumbsup:

No chickens were harmed in the making of this post.




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