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Last Three Things You Bought For Your Toyota....

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Following on from Steve's Mod thread...

What are the last three things you bought for your Toyota?

  1. Bonnet.... No there was nothing wrong with my old one, but this one has a lumpy bit and an intercooler slot... I'll need all the cooling I can get for.......
  2. 1UZ-FE (Engine) :D ... because no jacked up truck should be without a VVTi 4.0 V8 :D
  3. Wing mirror :( Because the last one "fell off a bit" when off roading... supplied by our very own Parts King.

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Last 3 things I bought for my Toyota would be

1. Had the Touch & Go installed

2. A set of winter tyres

Aw I didn't get a 3rd thing for my Yaris ... looks like I'm going to have to get something else

Petrol will have to do for the 3rd thing for now ;)

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My picks aren't too interesting but IMHO essential! :D

1) Poly ARB bushes (Good bye eternal MOT advisories!)

2) Conti PremiumContact5's (Excellent rubber and so cheap for 14" rims!)

3) PIAA silicone wipers (Silent, clears the screen great in spitting greasy rain or torrential downpours!)

By the sound of it, a new ancillaries belt may be the next thing I need to get it...! :unsure:

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Petrol is cheating!

-You'll have to comeup with something better than that!

Ha ha I know its cheating :) but I had to include something, you did ask for 3 things. My car's only 5 months old so hasn't had the chance to get much stuff bought for it, sure its not even his 1st birthday yet ;) . I don't go for things like fluffy dices etc.

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:oops: I've just remembered the 3rd thing ....

a touch up pen.

How could I forget when I started a discussion on here about touch up pens, stickerfix, and aerosol paint. So Touch & Go + Touch up paint + winter tyres = a happy Yaris :driving:

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1. A new MOT - does that count ?

2. A set of uprated sidelight bulbs (whoop-de-doo - but they are an improvement).

3. A set of rear brake discs & pads for fitting in the spring.

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Touch up pen... 5 month old car? :eek:

I'm rounding up my next purchases... brace yourself for another scintilating list of random parts and bits of Lexus to make my project! :driving:

-that said we have SNOW predicted... I'd best not take it apart for a while!

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Wel if it makes you feel any better it wasn;t me driving when the mirror came off.. and I still need to get that side resprayed :(

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. a bloke to change my cambelt (not even hit 50k yet, but the belt is original and 14 years old)

2. the same bloke to fix my handbrake and calipers (seizing :( )

3. cheapo tesco floor mats so the snow doesn't ruin my carpets

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  • 2 weeks later...

The Last three things that I bought for my 2012 Toyota RAV4 are:

1. A steering wheel lock. For the security of my car to avoid attacking from car thieves.

2. First Aid Kit. In case of emergency I can help other people. It is for practical and safety purposes.

3. YourCarParts Toyota Car mats. These car mats can prevent from dirt, sand, rocks or whatever dirt spreading throughout my car.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Round 2!

  • 2" Body Lift - Extra clearance for silly tyres and silly engines that aren't meant to fit...
  • Transfer Box Short Shift Kit - Lifts the 4x4 shifter up an inch, and reduces the angles, so it doesn't hit the bodywork post lift
  • "Suprastick" Stand alone transmission ECU - So I can run the Hilux Auto box without the Hilux ECU, and program the shift points via laptop.

I buy strange stuff for my truck :D

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Last things I bought for my Aygo (with the intention of putting them on, but never did):

• Taillights for a VW Eos

• Yaris Steeringwheel with steering wheel controls

• Extra set of wingmirrors (to convert to electric)

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  • Tundra V8 Stainless tubular headers - To look shiney, and make nice noises, and flow better than stock.... I wonder how much work to make them fit :ermm:
  • Digital TV Antenna - Because the one I have is rubbish...
  • Rear reversing Camera - Because its hard parking next to cars that have a roof lower than your window line...

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I'm sorry I've been a bad person and neglected my post...

I kind of bought a hullovalotta stuff recently as my V8 swap starts this weekend... so here goes..

  • Full Stainless Steel Exhaust - Well I say "full exhaust" I bought lots of straight section of pipe, silencers, mandrel bents, hangers, mounts, V belt connectors and Flanges to make one. Comprising of 49 different items so far...Suddenly pre built ones look really good value :( and I still haven't decided how I'm going to do the tail pipes!
  • Engine mounts and brackets - Well I say "Engine mounts and brakets" As with the above, no one makes these for my application, so I settled with a load of sheet steel..
  • Internal FM Antenna - Because quite frankly I'm fed up of my mast antenna catching on trees, and having to turn the radio off to go into car parks.

Second Batch of Three!

  • 4 AWG amp wiring kit - Not just for the amp, but to power other stuff as part of a robust electrical system, (following on from my twin Battery conversion this winter)
  • LED tail light clusters - Because a friend kindly cracked one of my tail lights off road :(
  • LED Spoiler third Brake light - I can't really justify this, but figured "in for a penny, in for a pound"

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The last three things done:

Put new rear wiper

2 Injectors changed (because of error code P0093 - Fuel leak in high-pressure system)

Front parking lights changed to LED

Next steps:

To repair three wheel rims because these need a good balancing input.

To order new summer tyres Michelin PRIMACY 3 94W 225/45/R17.

To check and repair suspension after winter season is gone.

Motor Oil change.

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Today I nearly gave the poor parts man at Octagon Toyota mental breakdown.

Sorry Octagon man

I went into the Local Lexus dealership to experience some Lexus charm.

I was promptly asked to move the M3 (ironic last time I went there, 15 years ago, in a soarer they REALLY didn't like that on the forecourt either)

I was ignored when I went through the doors, and eventually got the receptionists attention enough to ask for parts... they had no parts man so suggested I went next door to Toyota...

Anyway, the Toyota man kindly furbished me with:

  • LS400 Cam belt kit - I say "kit" there is no such thing So I got a cam belt, water pump, all pulleys and tensioners
  • LS400 Cam cover seals - Because I'll be cleaning everything up, cam cover seals + the spark plug seals are a must
  • LS400 Crank seals - because while its out......
  • Hilux Surf Transfer Box Oil seals
  • Hilux Surf drain plug gaskets for front/rear diff, gearbox/transfer box
  • DVB TV antenna converter

It's amazing how a few seals and belts can cost more than the donor car did :O

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News flash people

I *didn't* buy anything for my car today!

I drove the Lexus to work today, and tucked it up in the garage nice and cosy to spoil it.....

...before I rip its guts out and feed them to the Hilux..... :D

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