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Toyota Auris Sr 2008 Screeming Noises

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Hi All,

I am new to this club and was after some advise.

I have a Toyota Auris SR 5 door 2008 model, I have just started to notice a screeming noise while i am driving, it doesnt happen all the time and can vary is going a slow or high speeds. If the breaks pedal is pressed the noise stops but when released it starts again.

The noise some times get louder, but doesnt happen all the time. I think the noise is comming from the drivers side but cannot really tell if it is front or back.

Has anyone come across this type of problem before, any advise would be greatful.



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Hi Afsir and welcome to the TOC.

For the best results for your question click on Forums above and scroll down to the Auris Club forum and post there.

Good luck.

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To be honest, this could be a multitude of things - from a wheel bearing, to worn discs/pads or even just a bit of dirt stuck in the pads. I would jack one wheel up at a time & rotate the wheel while listening for the noise. Then take hold of the hoisted wheel at opposite sides and do the push-pull technique that MOT testers use to check for excess play in the bearing. A tiny bit of play is okay, but anything more could be a sign. I would try these ideas first .......

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