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Yaris Verso: Reset Power Window Jam Protection

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I have a Yaris Verso (2000) and I had to replace the driver side window. Now, whenever I lift the window in AUTO UP mode, it will travel all the way up, but the jam protection will then move it down about 10cm.

According to the Toyota Repair Manual, one needs to reset the jam protection after working on the window. The instruction, however, are not clear.


  1. Remove the power window motor (Hint: Place the matchmarks on the power window motor and window regulator gear).
  2. Connect the power window motor and power window switch to wire harness of the vehicle
  3. Turn the ignition switch ON and operate the power window switch to idle the power window motor in UP side direction for more than 6 rotations or less than 10 rotates (4 seconds or more).
  4. Assemble the power window motor and regulator. (Hint: - Install the motor when the regulator arm is below the middle point. - Align the matchmarks on the power window motor and window regulator gear.)
  5. Assemble the power window regulator and door glass. (Hint: - Never rotate the motor to the down direction until the completion of the window glass installation.)
  6. Connect power window switch to wire harness and turn the ignition switch ON.
  7. Repeat UP and DOWN operation several times manually.
  8. Check if AUTO UP -7 AUTO DOWN operates in automatic operation.

Do I really need to disassemble everything just to reset the jam protection?? And in point 3, what exactly do I need to do? It says "> 6 rotations" OR "< 10 rotations" (>4s). That doesn't make sense - this means I can do whatever I want as long as it takese >4s.

And what "matchmarks" are they talking about?

Can anybody help me?`


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