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Front Defrost

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Hi Dundela,

You should post this in the Avensis forum.

Anyway do you have the air recirculation on? If so turn it off.

Also try using A/C on hot. That always worked for my old Avensis.


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i have moved this thread in to the Avensis section for you.

Only thing you can do is prewarm your car. I dont think you can add anything to defrost the window. You could get a sheet and cover the windscreen at night.

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Ford have patents on demisted windscreens which is why they are the only ones that offer them ex-factory.

I doubt that you can electrify the existing windscreen as an aftermarket fit due to visibility issues.

Covering the windscreen will help with ice outside but you may well find that you still have ice on the inside if you have condensation.

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Aircon set to hot, fan on at least number 3 on the dial, air all directed to the windscreen and any condensation should clear in no time at all. If it is actually frozen on the inside then either have to wait for the engine to warm up enough to provide enough heat to melt it or pour tepid water onto the outside (less than body temperature to be safe. Don't use hot).

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