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Hi All Need Help With My Privea Please

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Moved to Toyota Family Forum as you posted in the new members introductions where you should not really ask tech questions but just introduce yourself :)

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Your gearbox is automat or manual ? What kind of engine ? What year is Previa ?

Write something more ...


Did you check the box location where shafts go "into the world"? Maybe water get from outside. And actually what is in the Oil? Plain water or coolant? Are you able to determine what is a kind of liquid? Did you notice the decrease of fluid from the cooling system? In manual gearbox, the engine coolant is not connected with gearbox, so it is rather impossible to have coolant in the box. Maybe, there is a leak above the box and you see it like from the box ?

I do not know about automat well but you can try this:

The Oil is probably cooled from the box in the radiator in a separate segment of the side of the radiator. As this segment is leaking internally, the coolant mix with the Oil and trouble ... ready. Maybe you will need to replace the radiator in your car. Or the head gasket of the engine is splurging.

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