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Auto On 2.2D Any Good?


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I have a 55 2.2D T4 manual estate and have overall been happy with the car, local Mr T very agrreable to deal with. Milage now 88K and am thinking about another nearly new car with same engine as I like the extra oomph. I quite fancy an autobox as I am getting lazier and have driven a few at work of late (non Toyota) and really like notnhaving to change gears manually. Do mainly local driving apart from long trip annually to France towing a small trailer with camping gear. annual milage about 10-11K.

Any thoughts on the auto box in the 2.2 would be appreciated.

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before you buy look at my post about my 2.2 auto, especially about towing

the car is brilliant appart from the problem i am having,

take any car you may buy for a good long run and make sure you go round lots of roundabouts

i drove a passat auto recently, no problem with that

hope this has been helpful


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Piotr, I know very little about the 2.2 diesel or its auto gearbox but have been driving automatics for years. Most modern diesels are usually well suited to an auto box. Fuel consumption usually suffers by a few mpg but a lot depends on your driving style. Harsh acceleration is going to mean lower mpg but if you are gentle on the throttle it won't make a huge difference.

Your mileage is a little on the low side to make a Diesel engine an economical buy. Add to this the fact you are doing a lot of short runs and you could get problems with the DPF (if there is one fitted to the model you are looking at). Most DPF's need to get really hot in order to regenerate and this won't occur if you are only doing short stop/start journeys. One or two long journeys a year will not be enough to overcome this issue. If you are not familiar with current DPF issues I strongly recommend you research this before deciding what to buy.

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