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Alloy Wheels, Im Stuck

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So i get my new (08) Aygo, its got all the kit but alloys and rev counter,

here's my problem, I want alloys, the stock steel and tyre comes in at 11.2 Kg.

So as this car is all about Economy i need set that weigh that or less, less is better.

the IQ wheels fit, but there 15" i dont mind that but i need them light, my question, Does anybody know the weight of these ?

Or indeed the weights of any of the standard fit alloys from either the 107 or the C1 ?

Help me :-)

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I don't think you'll save noticeable amounts of weight between the stock steel wheel and an alloy wheel and considering economy increases you will be exceptionally hard pressed to show gains IMHO.

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You don't necessarily have to go by weight, you can have a noisy around some websites, such as alloywheels.co.uk for example. Put your make model and year in and it automatically comes up with alloys that will match the car. The spare wheel should only be on the car for a minimum amount of time if you have alloy wheels as it can damage the wheel bearings if there is different weights on each side of the car. If you're looking for lightweight alloys that 'look sporty' try ROTA alloys they come in a bit pricey but they are excellent. I had black wolfrace alloys on mine, looked great with a low price :) Hope this helps x

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