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58 Plate 1.6 T-Spirit Keyless Entry Issue

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I was wondering if anyone has experienced an issue with the keyless entry and start system on their Auris?

The problem that I have just had is the car refused to open when the door hand was touched when using either of the "key fobs" only by using the emergency key was I able to unlock the car.

Once inside every time I tried to start the car by using the start/stop button I kept getting the message key not detected on the dashboard - nothing would allow me to start the car or lock/unlock it.

After phoning my dealer they requested that the car was taken to them, so after call to my breakdown service the car was collected and dropped off at the dealer.

Following investigation they found an intermittent fault in the control module that deals with the entry / start etc. the bad news is to have this replaced will cost about £750 Inc. labour etc.

Has anyone else had this issue with their car?

Of course mine is about four years old so is out of warranty, but this seems a major fault to have developed as it makes the car completely unusable and also meant that the steering lock could not be released - good job it happened in a spot where the car could just be rolled forward on the recovery vehicle as if it was on the road by other parked cars I have no idea how it could have been moved.

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I had just traded in the version you are talking about and never had that issue the only issue I had was after the car had been sitting for 2 weeks without being opened the car had to be opened by the unlock button on the fob.

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