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Ecu Info Please 2.0 2002 Auto

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Hi all first the background 2002 2.0 auto which has got worse and worse on fuel and is now 6 months on only doing 14 mpg around town and 18 on a run so its had 2 pre cat lamdassame bank it burns out the heater a new set of plugs, air filter plus check for air leaks and finaly to day a set of recon injectors.

None of which have helped its over fueling big sytle and the emissions are thoes of a jet, the only thing that I can now come up with unless you know different is the ECU it showes a code error p0125 (Insufficient Coolant Temperature For Closed Loop Fuel Control) now the temp looks ok on my code reader.

So the question is do we all think its the ECU if so can it be reprograme, Toyota say NO is there anyone in the UK (Birmingham area) who can do this of if I got a second hand one does it have to be from an auto and does it still have to be programed because I know that many of thes are linked to the components in the car and the immobiliser in the key.

Any info or help would be much appreciated I am at the point of pulling my hair out or I would be if I had any.

Thanks in advance

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I,ve only just joined to share my tale of woe and saw your post about ECU problems. Also have 2002 VX 2.0L petrol, Automatic. Started to get gears jumping/slipping. Took it to independent auto-box specialist who diagnosed faulty oxygen sensors x2. At circa £185 plus VAT each, bill was over £500! Research on net shows much more info/knowledge in USA. Faulty ECU causes false readouts for diagnostic computer which in turn confuses the mechanic and causes un-necessary work as in our case. This is a common fault with 2000-2003 RAV,s. Toyota had warranty extension in USA for up to 10 year old or 80'000 miles. But no such warranty in UK or Europe. Bottom line is that the ECU is faulty & requires repair or replacement at over £650 plus VAT. . Also, damage may occur to gear box if ECU is not replaced. I spoke to Toyota head office & after providing full details they have very kindly offered to foot the bill for a new ECU. They have only done this because we had the car from new and also have another Toyota.

Our RAV had never let us down before & We're hoping it runs for another few years before replacing it.

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Over the years I have heard of a number of people successfully using these guys for ECM repairs.


However, these posts/repairs were to fix the transmission problems related to the ECM , you might want to contact them by email for their advice on your specific symptoms.

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As Ian says many members on here have used the Brooklyn guys.

There have also been a posts about ECU repairers in the UK.

I think someone used a company in Kent recently.

There is also one in Anchormanshire,on the Derby/Notts border, that he has obtained a discount from to club members for repairs.


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