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Windscreen Washers

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Has anyone adjusted their windscreen washer jets?

I need to adjust mine to spray a bit higher on the screen but when i went out to the car armed with a trusty pin i found the IQ isn't fitted with normal round jets they look square.

Have looked in the handbook but can't find any info.

Is there a special tool and do i have to take it to Mr T?


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In common with most new Toyotas the IQ has ceramic washer jets which can be damaged if the trusty pin is used.

I understand that Toyota sell the washer jets with various different angles for those that need their washers to hit higher or lower on the screen

The ceramic washer jets are AFAIK non adjustable........The good news is that replacement jets are not too expensive!

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Yes many thanks for the reply. :thumbsup:

When my car goes to MrT on Tue i will get another set that spray higher up the screen.


It might be a good idea to phone on Monday to make sure stock is available :)

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i had a problem with the offside jet , it just dribbled,while the nearside one worked ok. traced the problem to the t connector under the bonnet, price of said plastic connnector £22 ish. result removed said connector and now have 1 good o/side jet.

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