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Toyota Avensis Test (With Fuel Usage, Specifications, Cons And Pros, A

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First thought is that you have the wrong model pictured for 2002-2009 (fair enough the first T27s were delivered in Dec 2008 but for the majority of that time it was the T25 model, introduced early 2003).

Mine wasn't expensive to service.

Nor do I think that the turbodiesels are any more troublesome than equivalents from other manufacturers - & for the 1 big potential problem Toyota extended the warranty..

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Definitely a confusing test, inaccurate with wrong model pictured.

3 out of ten, must try harder.

Unless you just intend to mislead people.

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Hi and welcome to TOC

Supporting what others have said here the review on the whole is very inaccurate and ambiguous. Also as a review limited lot more detail needed on say performance and why the turbodiesel is expensive as that story isn't so black and white [yes 2.2D4d have head gasket failure, but provided you can prove you have looked after the car Mr T extended the warranty and will replace it free of charge so really only costs you on time of being without a car] etc, it comes across as just info you have pulled from the net and not a car you have owned for some time. Sorry for downbeat message but please take it as constructive criticism.

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