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Bye Urban Cruiser

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Well after some thinking I've traded my UC for an IX 35 2WD. I will miss the handling and looks of the wee cruiser and obviously the four wheel drive. If I could have towed my hovercraft with the UC it would have stayed and had a cruise fitted but it wasn't big enough.

I'm not going to miss the lack of left knee space and soft paint (the front of the car had too many permanent marks and chips to count)

The new car has more toys than should be allowed and will need it's winter tyres if I'm, not going to be laughed at by passing UC drivers in the snow. Toyota should have stuck with this car in my view offering a 1.6 diesel option with more equipment and yes a cruise control while pegging the price back a bit :clap: .

Thanks for everyones replies to my posts, hope you all keep enjoying your cars as I did mine.

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