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No Engine Running - No Radio?

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Hello everyone,

I'm a new member and you've probably heard this query before - but anyway here goes.

My car is a 2007 Yaris T-Spirit D-4D fitted with the Keyless-Go system. When I switch my engine off the radio switches off too. Now on previous cars I have owned the option was always there to listen to the radio when the engine was switched off - something that I quite often like to do. Sometimes the radio could be switched on after turning the ignition key to the accessory position, and sometimes there was an option to turn the radio on simply by pressing the radio ON button.

On my Keyless-Go Yaris, however, since there is no key there is no accessory position. The radio will also not switch on by pressing the ON button when the engine is off (it works fine when the engine is running).

Does anyone know how to switch on the radio when the engine is not running?

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With the key in the car & without pressing the clutch pedal down press the start/stop button once for the "acc" position or twice for the "ign" position, so long as you don't press the clutch down when pressing start/stop button the car will not start.


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Is it better to listen to radio in park or neutral.im new to auto and just found out after 3 weeks how to listen to the radio without the engine running. Is it right going fron acc to stop mode it goes to on first if you know what I mean




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The ignition sequence is similar in a hybrid 1 press without your foot on the brake will switch on the electrics but not "start" the car allowing accessory use another press with foot on the brake will put the car in ready mode, as the car is a Hybrid and the 12v Battery is not designed for prolonged accessory usage it is advisable to have the car in ready mode as this will prevent draining the Battery also as you mention park/neutral always use park as again this allows the car to keep the batteries charged, neutral is there to move the car if it cannot power up and needs pushing it will not allow the batteries to charge.

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On 4/7/2020 at 8:00 PM, flash22 said:

I think the op has this sorted now - 7 years later

Not sure why you felt the need to comment? I was replying to a question posted yesterday?

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