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Loss Of Power/ Jerking When Accelerating

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For the past couple of months my 56 reg rav 4 2.2 d4d has been really bad for jerking and losing power when accelerating. It has been fine over Xmas but started again yesterday really bad. There hasn't been any engine lights come on or anything else. I've tried putting a bottle of the fuel system cleaner into a tank of diesel but didn't make a difference. Had problems with misdiagnosis from toyota dealer recently with other problems so not really confident in taking it back there as I'm not a rich man! Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Welcome to the club.

There have been several cases in your neck of the woods due to a bad batch of fuel. Change the fuel filter and see if that cures it. The instructions are pinned.

EDIT no they aren't but they soon will be! You can find it here;


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and I spent how much when a filter would have done it!!!

....just kidding. Well done.

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