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New Here So No Clue What I'm Doing :)

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Hey all,

Just found this forum when looking for some details on a Toyota I just purchased.

Very glad to see there is a decent place to ask questions if needed :)

My previous car was a Hyundai Coupe which I must say was lovely but unfortunately the valves (I believe) were noisy when car was cold which was driving me nuts...

So have just purchased an oldie car but gosh... are old ones better to drive than new ones!

I was tempted to go for a 2009 Mercedes Kompressor which looked amazing outside... but way too boring inside :(

On test drive I thought I'd fall asleep...

Then I saw a Celica 190 (vvti-190 on back, vvtl-i on engine and only TS on log book so unsure how to describe it) for sale... at a much much cheaper price... So it was a winner.

I live in Jersey, Channel Islands, where the speed limit is...40mph... *sigh*

...but have done some driving around as I only had the car for 4 days and so far...its surprisingly brilliant to drive! Handles curves very nicely although with rain it felt like it was sliding a little (but I'm not used to car yet).

All the opinions I've heard was that Toyota is a very reliable engine and that with some amount of care they wil drive for years and years... I hope this will be the case as so far it's been fun to drive :)

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Welcome to TOC :)

You are right in thinking that Toyotas are quite reliable and should not give you any major problems.........If you should get any the community on here should be of help.

Happy motoring.......even at maximum 40mph ;)

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Welcome and enjoy your celica... i have driven the roads in Jersey, quite relaxing actually

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