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Avensis D4 2.0 Starter Motor Issues

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Hi All,

New member here looking for help....

So, have just replaced the starter mortor in my wife's Avensis T4 2.0 (Petrol). The car will now start but the starter seems to be taking a little too long to turn the engine over and when it does, the car's kicking out a bit of smoke along with a smell of petrol.

Can anyone offer any suggestions? Am guessing I've done something wrong, or missed something but can't think what.

Thanks in advance

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I am thinking crank sensor sparkplugs, coil pack, cold start system, or the injectors. You could get a diagnostic check, but if the EML has not come on there may be any fault codes stored.

This fault may have been on the forum before

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Thanks Konrad

Am wondering about the coil pack now as when having another look at it last night, I found out that one of the sidelights has gone, as well as one of the tail lights. Also, the auto windows don't work (the windows do, just not the auto function)

Either that, or will it have something to do with the fact that I had to lengthen the cable that goes from the ignition to the starter?...

Reason I had to is because the new starter came and the ignition connection was on the other side of the starter so the cable wasn't long enough to reconnect. So I had to cut the cable and attach a new piece to get the length required.

Could this be the root of the problem?

If anyone can offer any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated as it's the wife's car and I'm not comfortable with her using it with the kids on board when it's not right - particularly with the weather as it is

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