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Can I Get Better Mpg From My 2005 Toyota Corolla 1.4L D4D Van?

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Hi all,just wondering is there anything i can do to get better MPG from my 05 corolla 1.4L D4D van? I'm getting 48.2 mpg at the moment and i feel it could do more,i service it myself very often,oil,diesel & air filters changed plus getting different fuel from different outlets but no success. I have added fuel cleaner from time to time but never helped at all. Is there anything to look out for that might be affecting my MPG? Now i do think my tracking is out as it pulls slightly to the left,would this reduce mpg by much? I am getting the tracking done this week so don't give out to me!! Any advice appericated.

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If your tracking was out you should see that by uneven wear on one side of the tread, normally on the fronts but could also happen on the rear.

Don't mistake wear or lack of wear on the centre of the tread due to incorrect type pressure.

If the treads look ok and you have not recently had a hard knock / kerbing on any wheel then check your brakes, the caliper pins on the front and/or rear brakes regularly seize and can cause that wheel to drag.

When you next buy tyres you could go for the green energy saving type that offer less rolling resistance.

You don't mention your driving style - heavy town or mway etc, plus assume you are not heavy footed if you think your mpg is low.

Think on diesels the ERG value needs cleaning - just search on erg - plenty of threads about it - I'm petrol so no experience of it.

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I had a alloy what was buckled and had a chunk that was missing off it and it was causing the the car to pull to the left and there was a slight vibration on the steering wheel, bought another single alloy off ebay, balanced and put on car, sorted!

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