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2002 Celica Gt What Is A Good Chip?

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hey, i was wondering what a good chip for my 2002 Celica GT would be im looking for the most power output out of all chips price doesnt matter and i was also wondering what turbo kit would fit on the car again price isnt an issue. what type of turbo kit and what type of chip would be good. thanks for the help!


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ECU can't be chipped on the gen 7 celica's you'll need an aftermarket ecu, best one is the apexi power fc, this with a tune will cost best part of £1k

UK GT models were 2005/2006 with added body kit, as your profile stated you have a 2002 GT im assuming you have been looking at the american celica clubs as in the UK it's known as a 140 because of the 140BHP engine.

Most turbo kits for these are for left hand drive models, not sure if anyone has made a kit for the 140 LHD

Lee at Se7en Motorsports does a rotrex supercharger kit for the 140 engine, you'r better off getting in contact with him, search on google for Se7en Motorsports

By the time you've bough the above ECU, the rotrex, fitting, new brakes and coilovers to handle the power I doubt you'll have any change out of £5k-£6k.

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