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Oil And Dpf Queries

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I have recently bought a 56 plate (2007) Auris 2L D4D.

I need to top up the Oil and can see that a minimum ACEA of C2 is required. I thought C2 was low saps for cars with DPF's; I don't think my car will have a DPF. Can anyone confirm when DPF's were brought in and whether C2 is really needed?

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Welcome to TOC...

You have to be very carful about using the correct spec oils for these engines! If it states a C2 spec Oil then thats what I'd go for as you can pick up Mobil 1 ESP C2 (VW507 00) for a song off Ebay! http://www.ebay.co.u...=item337f2c2647

My next Oil change is going to be with... http://www.opieoils....-synthetic.aspx as I've managed to buy 30L of the stuff for £5.23 a Ltr! and in the 1Ltr containers! Happy days...

Daveyon the move will be able to tell you if your car has a DPF. I know the 2.2 (2AD) T-180 has a D-CAT as its the same engine in the Avensis and RAV set up...

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Thanks for the reply, damn that's some expensive Oil.

Looking further into it it seems that the pre 2008 d4d doesn't have a dpf and the handbook says if c2 cannot be obtained, you may also use acea b1. I'm happy because I can get that for under £4 a litre


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Can I offer a little bit of perspective on Oil.

Think of it like blood, its the lubricant that keeps the vital organ (engine) running smoothly, and it prefers a specific type, even if they do all look the same to the naked eye.

If you were having a blood transfusion, you'd get the correct blood type for your body. Oil is the same.

Don't buy the cheapest you find and expect the same economy, smoothness and life cycle, buy the best Oil you can afford and maintain the engine properly.

Saving pennies on cars is often a false economy when the parts fail and you end up buying replacement parts sooner, or fixing other components that fail as a result.

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Im not looking for the cheapest Oil but I work for a motor group so get a good discount on Oil, however the only Oil they stock is a 5w30 which isn't C2. I called toyota and they said they would put 0w30 in if they serviced it and didn't even know what I was talking about when I mentioned ACEA!

The other car is an A6 TDi so I know how important the right Oil is hence this post.

Thanks for your input.

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Many people tend to forget the second and just as important aspect of engine Oil and that is too dispate heat from the engines internals.

Poor quality or dirty Oil (read contaminated) will not absorb heat efficiently. A poorly cooled engine will suffer wear and tear much faster then one that is effciiently cooled.

The secret is too use the best quality (not always the dearest) Oil suited to your engine and change it and the filter before its due service date. And just because an Oil looks clean doesn't mean it isn't contaminated with combustion by-products, acids, etc.

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