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Rav 4.2 1.8 Exhaust Problems

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I have recently purchased a 2003 Rav 1.8, 3-door.

The car had an advisory from its last MOT, saying the flange between the centre exhaust and rear box was rusting.

I have looked at this and true enough the flanges are rusting and delaminating whilst the rest of rear box and centre exhaust are in excellent condition, just the flanges rusted. Now the bad bit, local exhaust centres tell me they cannot get replacement exhaust parts for this vehicle. They say they are only available from Toyota at close to £900. The rusting flanges is a well known fault in exhaust centres and my local centre has offered a solution. They are going to cut out the flanges altogether, weld a tube to the stub left on the rear box and then attach to centre exhaust using conventional exhaust clamps. This at a cost of circa £40.

Exhaust parts for Rav 2.0 models are readily available at reasonable prices from exhaust centres, I guess this is because sales of the 1.8 model were low, and subsequent low demand for parts means low volumes equals high prices. Or non availability.

Must admit I fail to see how Toyota justify their price for the 1.8 exhaust and unhappily when my current exhaust fails I will be forced to buy from Toyota.

I would recommend any one thinking of purchasing the 1.8 model to think again before buying.

Has anyone had this same problem and found a cheaper way around it?

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