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Toyota's Free Fuel Offer?

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Hello, me again and so soon after my last postJ

When I bought my Blue I was told that it came with an offer of £150 worth of freebie fuel. I was told I'd get something through the post.

That was a couple of weeks ago but so far I've received nothing on the free fuel front. I've got all the other paperwork (except the reg document from the DVLA).

Now obviously I'll be checking this out with the dealer but before doing so I thought I'd ask if anyone knows how long it usually takes? Also what form of redemption does the free fuel take? Is it a preloaded card?



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As far as I know its on a preloaded card, as far as I heard the last time there was a free fuel offer. Though I've never had the free fuel myself.

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This is something that Toyota did a while back.......Did not know that they were doing it again

The free fuel took the form of a pre loaded cash card and from memory the card took about a month to process after car purchase.

Surprised that your reg document has not yet arrived.........DVLA are usually quite quick at that!

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I am also waiting for my £150 of fuel but understand from my local dealer that if you have used a loan to purchase the car you will have to wait until at least two monthly payments have been made. I purchased my car at the beginning of November so am now looking for the card any day now!!


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I received my card through the post in the form of a Toyota branded VISA card. I didn't realise there was a free fuel offer at the time so it was a nice supprise! As its a VISA card, you aren't limited to petrol/diesel, I used some of it to buy a few bits from B&Q and Sainsburys :).

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Would be worth raising the issue with garage and Mr T.

A number of companies are sending out these cash cards in the post. There is no security on the cards so the senders may just as well stuff the envelope full of cash.

Saying you did not receive the card, does not seem to work. Suggested to Panasonic that sending the equivalent of cash through the post, was their liability, not mine, and I would be raising the matter with Trading Standards as the cashback was part of the offer, as yet unforefilled.


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