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235 X 60 X 16 Nrg Alloys/tyres Swopping For 215 X 70 X16 Steel Swop?

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My wifes Rav 4 2.0 vvti NRG has the standard alloys with 235 x 60 x 16" tyres, but I want to get a set of 7" steel wheels and have 215 x 70 x 16" winter tyres fitted.

The reason is 2 fold, narrower tyres with better winter grip capabilities and to preserve the cars standard alloys that have just be re-furbished.

The steel wheels I am considering will be from a 2001 Rav 4 but are 1" narrower and the tyres 20mm, am I correct in assuming that will be a dirrect swop over ?

Has anyone done this ? do they look odd ?

Many thanks


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Can't fully answer your question but the NRG had 235/60 alloys as standard whereas the NV had 215/70 steels (as standard) according to my 2002 brochure. Oh , and welcome to the madhouse.

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Thanks for the replys, I have found a set of these wheels (not the car)at the right price :-


Will Mk1 wheels fit a MK2 ? are they a suitable offset

Many thanks Ian

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