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Replaced Glow Plugs & Battery- Still Hard To Start

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Hi all

recently have had some problems with cold starts. replaced all 4 plugs about 6-8 months ago as 2 were dead. Replaced Battery 1 montn ago but still very difficult to start.

This morning, car temp guage reading -5C and it was almost impossible to get started. any ideas where i go from here to try and elicit the problem?



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Is there a voltage going to the glow plugs? that may seem a silly question but I recall a similar problem with a citroen, the glow plug warning light would illuminate for the prescibed time but no current was sent to the plugs, basically the light was not an indication of plug operation but of RELAY operation, the relay controlled the power to the plugs and the power to the light but the take offs for each was from a different point on the relay, thus the light side was functioning but the plug side was not.Does that make sense?The way to test is to connect a meter (or a light ) between one of the plugs to earth switch on and monitor, if it lights then all is well if not check the relay.Right now to the disclaimers, this referred to a Citroen and I don't know if the Toyota has a relay or not, I have looked in the Haynes manual but there doesn't seem to be a circuit for the glow plug system ( Haynes really have gone downhill in recent years).

Good luck

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