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Alloy Wheel Size For Celica Vvti

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17's are the best choice in that they offer a good compromise between looks and performance. Ideally the alloys should be 7J wide with an ET/Offset of between 35 and 38. Tyre size should be that as fitted by Toyota, namely 205/45/17.

If you can only find alloys you like in 7.5J, the tyres should be either 215/40, or 215/45 to cater for the extra 1/2" width.

I would avoid an 8J alloy, as the correct tyre size (225/40/17) is not freely available, and although some owners have fitted 215/45, this involves stretching the tyre side wall, which is going to affect how the tyre performs.

In summary, the perfect alloy for the VVTi IMO is..

5x100 PCD

7J x 17"

ET/Offset 35 (OE is 38)

HTH :)

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Nice info as always Scarlet Arrow!

I am thinking about getting the following for my Celica T-Sport at the same time I will be dropping it by around 40mm:


My plan is to make the car completely Black with Red detailing such as Wheel Trims, Badges and Lights (off to skewer soon).

After the above... the fun begins with the performance side of things!

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There's a website you can check and cross reference what cars have 5x100 pcd wheels fitted to them can't remember it at the mo, you'll have to check the offset tho as advised above.

Off the top of my head, I think only wheels from an avensis 'll fit from a toyota, don't think Lexus s do, VAG have the most options (I've got mk1 tt alloys for mine), rover, Chrysler I think and the odd other one's too from what I can remember

I'm sure someone else mite be able to further elaborate

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