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06 Avensis 2.2 Diesel Smoke & Fuel Consumption

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My neighbour has an 06 Avensis T25 2.2D-4D and is having an intermitting problem with smoke,every now and then it belches out dark grey smoke then it clears and it may be a week before it seen again,it's been to a local garage several times,all the filters have been replaced, the EGR has been checked and deemed ok,no faults are showing,since this problem arose the fuel comsumption has dropped to only about 22mgp.the car has done 80k miles and never missed a service,it uses no Oil,starts first time every time and drives good,has anyone had this problem,any advice would be much appreciated,the engine code is 2AD-FTV.

Thanks in advance


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that consumption is way too low.

any signs of coolant use?

I would be tempted to bung a can of BG244 in & see if that helps at all.

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It sounds to me as if you may have injector seals leaking.

The dark grey is symtoms of excess fuel into the cylinders.

Does it only do this on cold start and on very cold days?

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grey smoke is the sign of ofer fueling and restriction of an air from turbo

the possible reasons are:

- air filter

- air in fuel system

- turbo needs service

- poor injection due to injector tips wear down

- bad quality of diesel

- over loading of the car

- lack of control sygnal on the injector solenoid coil

-- etc

- etc

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